My first proper 4sight – on blogging

You may know that I’m a member of 4Networking – well today I did my first “proper” 4sight, on 7 tips for blogging success.

I’ve been meaning to do a 4sight for ages, but have never got round to it, partly through laziness, partly through nerves, mainly because I couldn’t think of anything that I do that would make an interesting 10 minute presentation! I did actually do a 4sight at a Big Breakfast in Oxford last year, but that was about my 4Networking journey so was all me, me, me and not really about useful business stuff.

Anyway, I planned out my talk on blogging and then spent a couple of hours working on my presentation skills with Richard Lock of RHL Associates . Richard was fabulous – he gave me lots of tips to help me overcome my nerves and then helped me rewrite my presentation to make it appeal to different personality types and be engaging and entertaining. Richard gave me a completely new outlook on how my presentation should be – rather than just standing there reading facts, he helped me work some humour and emotion into it!

Today was the big day. The audience were waiting for me to deliver – and I did indeed deliver, albeit at 50 miles per hour! I know I speak quickly naturally, but though I didn’t actually battle with my nerves too much I still managed to race through the material at breakneck speed! Fortunately everyone seemed to keep up (just about!) and I saw a lot of good body language as I spoke. Some parts of my talk definitely resonated with people!

So that’s the first one done. I haven’t seen anyone else 4sighting on blogging, and it’s such a fantastic and inexpensive marketing tool that  really do think more people should know about it. I hope to do more 4sights around the area: shout if you’d like me to come to your group!

However, if you just can’t wait and would like to know more about how blogging can hugely increase the traffic to your website, sign up to my newsletter and I’ll send you my “7 Tips for Blogging Success” report. If you’re already on the mailing list, just leave me a comment here, along with your email address, and I’ll send you a copy!

And if you were at the Witney meeting today please do leave me some feedback – I’d love to know what you thought of the talk!


  1. It was a fantastic 4Sight Alison. I really enjoy 4Sights that look at a specific area of business with some hard facts and information to take away.

    I am planning to start my own blog in the near future, and some of what you told us was really, really helpful.

    You and Richard also nailed the content with the inclusion of a few little stories and examples (especially if you are a London Taxi Company).

    I shall look forward to the 4Sight’s second and subsequent outings when I am sure it will be delivered at a slower pace, and I will pick up more of those useful pieces of info

    1. I think I was really worried that I would go over ten minutes, so rushed a bit to fit it into the time. I didn’t realise we’d actually started so early I had oodles of time! Anyway, it will be much slower in future. Glad you enjoyed it and found it useful!

  2. Hi Alison

    I really enjoyed your 4sight and totally agree this is a very important part of anyone’s website. Not only to keep people informed but great to keep content fresh and exciting for those web spiders!!!
    Take care and you know where I am if you need A Big Idea lol.


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