Exciting times for The Proof Fairy!

It’s been a very exciting week here at Proof Fairy HQ.

Firstly, on Monday I moved out of the corner of my dining room and into an office. I’m renting some desk space from the fab team at Colporteur and so far it’s gone really well. As well as having more space to work in it’s been lovely leaving the office at the end of the day  rather than working until my kids point out that  it’s gone 8pm and they haven’t been fed yet and they want food NOW!!!

This week I decided to spend a little time on my own business and catch up on all those admin jobs that I never quite get around to doing. So this week I sent out a short customer survey to all the clients I’ve had over the last year, asking them just two questions – What did I do well? And what could I do better next time? The results have made for interesting reading. It seems that on the whole I’m  doing a good job, even going the extra mile, but there were certainly some areas where I could improve the service I offer, and over the coming weeks I’ll be working hard to iron out the creases.

Finally, I have at long last got round to launching my newsletter. This has been on the to-do list for more months than I care to think about, but it’s finally done. After some tweaking of the design, my newsletter was winging its way to past and present clients, friends and networking colleagues across the globe. So far the feedback has been very positive, and I haven’t noticed anyone unsubscribing yet! If you’d like to see the newsletter for yourself, and perhaps sign up for future issues, just click here.

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