Packaging up your knowledge into things you can sell

I was thrilled to be invited to speak at Networking Women‘s Cheltenham meeting last week. Considering how nervous I was when I did my first 4Networking 4sight a few months ago, I’m becoming something of a dab hand at this public speaking lark! Anyway, I talked to the group about blogging and gave them some tips to get started, and it seemed to go really well.

After the meeting I chatted with Claire Westwood of Information Marketing Magic, and the conversation made me realise that I could be doing a whole lot more with my random ramblings! Claire specialises in helping people create products based on their unique knowledge and experiences. We discussed some of the options I had – Claire suggested I could create a CD of my talk, or convert it into an e-book or a weekly webinar. Since then my mind has been buzzing with ideas, both business and life-related … I just have to find the time to put some of them into practice!

But seriously, if you have knowledge of your industry have a think about how you could monetise that knowledge – and if you get stuck, have a word with Claire and she’ll be able to help you out. Claire was also kind enough to include me in a video she filmed shortly after the meeting. I’m famous!

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