Book publishing – the fruits of hard labour!

In my role as a proofreader/editor I am always really excited to see some of the manuscripts I’ve worked on go through to the publication stage. There’s a certain thrill about seeing someone else’s words on a page or a Kindle screen after spending hours finely tuning them, and when I read reviews that praise the excellent writing I always glow a little, even though I know I only played a small part in crafting those words! However, I’ve gone one step further with a recent manuscript I worked on – as well as editing it I was one of the contributors!

Soul Journey is Lisa Cherry’s first book and it’s a self-help book with a difference. Lisa talks about her own difficult life and what she has learned from it but the bulk of the book revolves around the stories of other women who have overcome adversity. There are women who have survived and thrived after cancer; women who have suffered abuse but come through it stronger and determined to live life to the full; and women who have been dealt blow after blow but still live each day with a smile on their face. I am included as a survivor of domestic violence – it’s not something I often talk about, but it’s one of the things that has shaped who I am and what I want from life, and I found it a cathartic experience talking about it with Lisa.

Normally when I edit books I come in right at the end of the process, so it’s been fascinating watching the work take shape, from the initial meeting where Lisa outlined her plans to the moment, captured on video (below) where she held the book in her hands for the first time!

I have found being involved a therapeutic and rewarding experience and I am looking forward to working more with Lisa and other authors in the future. I’m also looking forward to the official launch of the book at Oxford Castle this weekend!

To find out more about why I chose to be involved in the Soul Journey project click here for an interview between Lisa and me.


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