The three secrets of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Would you like your website to rank higher in the search engines?

With so many million websites out there it’s really important to rank well for your chosen keywords – the words people are likely to search for to find your business. However, many people are scared of Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – because they think it’s something very complicated, some dark art that only SEO gurus understand.

The fact is, SEO is actually pretty straightforward and the main principles of good SEO make perfect sense. Google constantly tweaks the way it ranks web pages so it can deliver the best, most relevant content to people using the search engine. What it looks for are websites with regularly updated, high quality content that people value – and that’s really not so difficult to do. The three secrets of SEO to concentrate on are:

Blogging: By having a blog that you update regularly – at least once a week – you provide useful information that makes your website more attractive, both to human visitors and the search engines. And by giving away some information you also position yourself as an expert in your field, the person to go to when customers want what you’re offering.

Social media:  Once you’re generating good content you need to let people know about it. Make sure you send out blog updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and include social share buttons on your website so other people can share your content too. Every time someone posts a link to your site on a social media platform Google sees it as a recommendation that your site is worth visiting.

On-page optimisation: For Google to rank your website for the right keywords it needs to know what every page is about. Choose a relevant keyword for each page and use it in the URL, the page title, within the content and on an image. So long as you don’t overdo the keywords they will act as a signpost to Google and let the search engine know exactly what keyword you should be found for.

So there you go – the three secrets of SEO. Not that mystifying after all, eh! If you would like any help with blogging, social media or on-page SEO drop me a line. We can meet up for coffee and have a chat about how you can use it to benefit your business – and if you want to take it further, I can help you on a long term basis, either by blogging/tweeting on your behalf or working with you on a consultancy basis.

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