5 tips for writing copy that sells

Copywriting is a very broad skill – basically writing anything at all can be classed as copywriting – but many people hear the term “copywriting” and immediately think of sales copy. Writing copy to sell or promote something is no different to writing any other kind of copy really, though there are a few things to consider when writing successful sales copy. Here are some tips to help you write copy that sells.

Focus on the benefits, not the features.
Perhaps the most important thing to do is focus on the benefits, not the features. Your products may be this that and the other but if the reader just thinks “So what?” you’re not going to win the sale. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer and ask yourself “What’s in it for me? What benefit will I get from this product or service?” When you have the answers, use those benefits in the sales copy.

Make it personal.
Copy that sells works because it connects with the reader. When you write your sales copy, imagine you are talking directly to the potential customer and write in the same way. Ask them questions that will identify in them a need for your product. And don’t talk about your self too much. Copy that is full of “we do this, we do that” is rarely effective.

Include proof.
One of the best ways to sell is to prove that your product or service is the answer to your customers’ problems. Include case studies that demonstrate practical applications where your products have helped provide a solution. Genuine testimonials  are also useful as they show that you already have happy customers.

Write naturally.
The worst sales copy is either stilted or over the top. When you write, try to use the same words and tone that you use in conversation. People buy from people, so the saying goes, so let your personality shine through your copy. And don’t try to baffle the reader with jargon – just say it like it is.

Include a Call to Action.
People aren’t stupid, but they sometimes need hints as to what they do next. Make sure you include a call to action in your sales copy – ask them to email you, or download a report, or request a  callback. Make it clear what the next step in the buying process is.

With these tips you’ll be able to write engaging natural copy that sells – but if you need any help with your copy, give me a call on 01367 888229 or email me today.

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