Who needs a proofreader? This lot do, for a start!

Need a proofreader? No? Sure about that??

Typos are everywhere and everyone makes them. OK I’ll admit it, even I make typos – and plenty of them!! When you’ve come up with an idea and drafted an article and typed it up and edited it and checked it and checked it again you end up seeing what you want to see, not what is actually in front of you. That means that it’s actually really easy for typos and spelling errors to go to print … which is why it’s so important that you let a professional proofreader check everything over for you first.

Whoever wrote these signs and articles definitely needed my services!

Thanks to Linda, Lisa and Val for some of the images.

Hope you enjoyed those – and if you can’t see what was wrong with them, then you definitely need to drop me a line!

Have you seen any typos in public places? Leave me a comment and a link if you have!


  1. Marvellous stuff! There’s a place in Nottingham which has GOAL *carved* into the stone, with GAOL inexpertly carved over it. I have thought about collecting these together myself, but given that I work a lot with people whose English isn’t their first language, and who feel very nervous about their standard of English, I don’t want to look critical of errors. So I’ll bookmark this and enjoy any others that are posted!

  2. Love the GOAL/GAOL story! Reminds me of a tombstone I saw in a cathedral (can’t remember where) that had obviously been altered after the event because one of the names was spelt incorrectly … oops!

    I agree that it wouldn’t be fair to use clients’ work, and none of these are, they’re just examples I’ve spotted round and about. Mind you, at least it would demonstrate how important your work is!

  3. I’ve got Asperger’s syndrome and one of the main manifestations of this is obsessions. My obsession is proofreading; and when I see a mistake the text literally jumps up and hits me between the eyes – I’m not kidding, I suffer physical pain similar to a migraine for a few seconds.

    The incorrect use of ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ is everywhere: I’m sure it’s because children are no longer taught grammar and the ‘parts of speech.’

    1. Sounds like you have been afflicted by proofreaders’ curse! I am the same – the errors just jump out at me. Many a time my children have complained that I’ve ruined a family day out by spotting all the typos on a theme park’s signage!Confusion between “yYour” and you’re” is especially common, as is “its” and “it’s”. It’s not that difficult!!!

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