Poorly designed mobile websites drain smartphone batteries

There’s an interesting article on the BBC website about how even mobile-optimised websites can be a drain on smartphone batteries if they’re not designed properly. The report looked at several of the most popular websites’ mobile versions, including Wikipedia and IMDB.com, and found that excessive coding or the use of large image files were affecting the performance of smartphones and causing the battery to drain faster.

With one in five Google searches now being done on a mobile device, it’s really important that businesses have simple, mobile-optimised versions of their website. That way, people can access key information quickly – and, hopefully, without their phone battery running out!

If you’re not convinced, have a look at this video I put together that has some interesting information about just how prevalent mobile web browsing is now. And if you’d like to see what your mobile-friendly website could look like, fill in the form under the video and I’ll put together a dummy site, completely free of charge and with no obligation for you to purchase anything.

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