A quick social media tip for business owners

I’m often asked what people should tweet about, and I recommend they view social media as a form of online networking and use it in the same way they use networking – to make connections, build relationships, raise profiles and have some fun.

So talk on Twitter in the same way you’d talk at a networking event – talk about the weather, what you watched on TV last night, stories in the news, your business (but don’t be all SELL SELL SELL!), the family, your hobbies and so on.

Offer advice where it’s asked for and where you can add genuine value.

Retweet other people’s tweets if they include something you found informative, educational or entertaining.

Take an interest in other people, get to know your fellow tweeters and be yourself.

Remember it’s not a short term fix, stick with it and business will follow.

And if you’d like a chat about how I could help you with your social media, you know where I am!

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