Anntricia Bray Smith: mentor, speaker, entrepreneur and author

Welcome to Conversations with Authors, where I – Alison Thompson, AKA The Proof Fairy – meet amazing authors and find out what inspires them to write and what advice they would offer other aspiring authors.

My guest today is Anntricia Bray Smith, a professional mentor, speaker, entrepreneur and author. Anntricia has several books to her name including “Recreating A Better Me”, “Struggling to Forgive” and “Financial Education Simplified”. 

During our conversation we discuss legacies and how writing a book is a continuation of the age-old tradition of stories being passed on from generation to generation. We also explore what writing teaches us about ourselves, why everyone should write a book, and why we think every writer should have an Alison or an Anntricia in their life! 

More About Anntricia Bray Smith 

Anntricia Bray Smith is a professional mentor, speaker, and author. She has self-published numerous books including “Recreating A Better Me”, “Struggling to Forgive” and “Financial Education Simplified”. She is the founder of Christian Women Fellowship (Education Institution) and Initiative for Marketing Success Alliance (Professional Development Alliance) based in the State of Oklahoma. She is the mother of two daughters, Snowyte and Millaya. 

Links: https://linktr.ee/anntriciabraysmith

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