Paul Newton: Magician, Mind Reader and MentalTheft

Welcome to Conversations with Authors, where I – Alison Thompson, AKA The Proof Fairy – meet amazing authors and find out what inspires them to write and what advice they would offer other aspiring authors.

My guest today is Paul Newton, a magician, mind reader and the author of MentalTheft. Paul started out as a magician, providing entertainment at weddings and corporate events but now he uses his skills to help people and companies defeat scammers. ​During our conversation we talk about using crowdfunding to finance a book, proofreading problems, personal branding and how to structure your content. Paul also talks about how he never would have believed that his book would even sell, never mind catapult his business and lead to him becoming seen as a leading expert in security and scams. It’s a jam-packed episode! 

 More About Paul Newton

 Paul Newton is a magician and mind reader who now steals sh1t for a living! Using his mind reading skills he steals personal information in the hope that he can stop the scammers from stealing from YOU. His book MentalTheft – Your mind is the weakest link is available now. 



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