Taking the hassle out of blogging for business

Do you use a blog to promote your business?

Keeping a blog is one of the easiest ways you can keep your website content fresh, both for your visitors and the search engines. But unless you are keen on writing, it can be one of those jobs that stays at the bottom of the “to do” list … and having a stale blog is almost worse than having no blog at all.

I can provide you with a package of blog articles, written specially for your business and based around keywords or topics that you choose. You can use these articles on your blog once a week, once a month or in and around other stories that interest you. You can even use them on other forums and networking sites!

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Don’t yet have a blog?

Adding a blog to your business website attracts visitors, turns your site into an interactive experience and helps with search engine optimisation. Updating a blog regularly tells the search engines your site is active, which helps with search engine ranking. You can also base your blog entries on the keywords and topics that your customers may be searching for.

For a small monthly fee, I’ll take away all the hassle of blogging!

The Blog Startup Package includes:

  • Set up of a WordPress blog, in similar in style to your existing website
  • Brand new blog entries every week, written specially for you, on your chosen topics or keywords
  • Management of the blog, including moderation of comments to keep the spammers away,
  • Promotion of every blog entry via my Twitter and Facebook followers.

Of course, you will have overall control of the blog – you’ll be able to add to it whenever you wish, and will have final approval of anything I write before it is published.

Email me for more information on the Blog Startup Service

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