For amazing people everywhere – what’s YOUR story?

Every year in March we celebrate International Women’s Day (and before anyone complains, yes there is an International Men’s Day too!). I’m not a huge fan of these “days” – they normally seem to be a bit of a waste of time – but reading about International Women’s Day got me thinking about all the great stories women have. I recently came across a list of “21 autobiographies every woman has to read in her lifetime” and was blown away by the amazing stories these women have to tell, be it in politics, humanitarianism, business, travel, showbiz and more.

Of course I have my own favourite autobiographies too. Ruth Picardie’s “Before I Say Goodbye” brought home┬áto me the realities of terminal illness, Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat Pray Love” made me lust for travel and of course I’ve written my own story, The Boy From Hell, about raising a child with ADHD.

chalkboard-620316_640The thing is, we ALL have a story to tell. Yes – YOU have a story to tell! You don’t have to have climbed Everest or started a political party or won an Oscar to have a story that people want to hear – a story that will inspire, support and help people to make more of their lives. And as well as the kudos that comes from sharing your story, you also raise your own profile and become an expert in your field too – whatever that field may be.

The difficult thing is working out exactly what that story is and how to tell it to best effect. And that’s where I can help. I love to work with people to help them tell their story and share it with the world. So if you have a story to tell (and believe me, EVERYONE does!) then drop me a line and let’s talk! Because doesn’t the world deserve to hear what you have to say?

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