Two quick tips for those times when you catch the CAP LOCK key

Do you ever find yourself typing something and discovering halfway through that you caught the cAPS LOCK KEY AND HALF WHAT YOU’VE WRITTEN IS IN capitals? I do it all the time – and it can be a right pain changing it all, especially if you’ve written quite a bit.

The Convert Case website lets you paste in the affected text and it automatically converts it to sentence case (with capitals in the right positions), UPPER or lower case or Capitalised Text, Where Every Word Starts With A Capital Letter. Very handy!

And if you’re working in Word, simply highlighting the affected text and holding Shift + F3 will let you cycle through upper, lower and sentence case so you can quickly fix the error.

(Thanks to Liz Broomfield of Libro Editing and Chris Hogan of Ox Copy for the Word tip – I wish I’d know it years ago!)

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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