Internet marketing predictions for 2012

I’ve recently discovered SlideShare, which is a site where people can share PowerPoint presentations and business videos. There is some really interesting material on there, and I’ve even uploaded my own contribution, the presentation I used for my recent blogging webinar.

One of the most fascinating presentations I’ve found is on Social Media and Content Predictions for 2012. It’s very long – 81 slides – but includes the predictions of 75 internet marketing experts from around the world. There are several themes running through the presentation, and they’ve given me some ideas on how to develop my own business and help my clients in the coming months.

For example, many experts predict that mobile web browsing is going to be even more prevalent in 2012. It makes sense really, given the rise in ownership of smart phones and tablets. From now on I will be ensuring that any new blogs and websites I build are completely accessible by mobile phone, so I’ll be including mobile themes in my basic web design packages.

Google+ also features regularly in the predictions, with many people thinking it will become increasingly popular this year, and will carve out its own niche in the social media landscape. I have to admit I have yet to get my head around Google+, so I’ll be taking a crash course and discovering exactly what it can do, both to benefit my own business and to help my clients use it to promote theirs.

The experts point to the rise of eBooks and guest blogging as marketing tools in the coming months, and these are both on my task list for 2012. I’m currently talking to other bloggers about exchanging blogs now and then, and I’m also working on content for a blogging eBook … watch this space!

Finally, it seems that consolidation is the key word this year. Most people are users of a variety of social media networks and blogs and it is time consuming trying to keep up with several accounts. I treated myself to an iPad for Christmas and my favourite app so far is Flipboard, which does a fantastic job of consolidating Twitter and Facebook, popular websites and custom RSS feeds. It’s really easy to use and incredibly stylish too. And amazingly, it’s available free for both iPhone and iPad! If you want to find an easy way to keep up with your favourite news sites and blogs, I can highly recommend it!

And I also recommend you watch the full presentation too – because I am pretty sure there will be something in it that you can use in your own business. So grab a cuppa, put your feet up, and enjoy!

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