And what do YOU do?

Recently I’ve been to a lot of different networking events, as well as my regular 4N ones. Now I love going out and meeting new people, but it does get a bit wearing when everyone keeps asking you, “And what do YOU do?” Normally I say, “Well, I do some proofreading, copywriting, editing, that kind of thing,” … and then watch as their eyes glaze over.

Time for a change, I think. So now I’ve started saying, “I work magic with words” … and the difference in people’s reaction is incredible! Instead of looking bored, people want to know more – they ask what sort of magic I do, how I do it, and can I do some for them please!

Having a catchy strapline – one that you can use verbally as well as on your business card – is a really useful way of bolstering your brand identity. It also gets people’s attention, especially if it brings with it a little intrigue. When you leave your strapline open to some interpretation you will get people asking you questions, and that’s always better than having them look disinterested in your business.

So of course now I want to know …. what do YOU do?!

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