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A Brief Overview of What I Do

As The Proof Fairy, I am best known for working with self-publishing authors, ensuring their manuscripts are word-perfect before publication. However, I actually offer a much wider range of services revolving around WORDS – including copywriting, proofreading, newsletter design and WordPress website build and maintenance (see what I did there?!). To give you an idea of more »

What impression is your website creating?

  After taking a break from self-employment for a couple of years, I threw myself back into business with much enthusiasm and found myself out networking and meeting new and interesting people. I always go away and have a look at the websites of people I meet … and I have spotted an issue that could more »

Proofreading on a Kindle

I recently finished writing my first book (The Boy from Hell: Life with an ADHD Child, if you’re interested!) and though I am paying another proofreader to check it over for me, I went through various editing and proofing stages first. Perhaps the most interesting though has been proofreading on a Kindle. Once I had more »

5 Embarrassing Spelling Mistakes

Here's an entertaining guest blog post from Ciaran Oliver that really demonstrates the importance of using a good proofreader! I personally find Microsoft Word spell checker very annoying but I have to admit it often saves me from making awkward mistakes. Unfortunately – or fortunately? – in the offline world we cannot count on a more »

How not to write a book …

… or maybe this should actually be called “How to write a best seller without knowing the first thing about writing”! You can’t fail to have heard about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. You know, the pornographic erotic novels about Christian Grey, the man every woman I know seems to be swooning over even more »

Proof that you should never rely on a spell checker …

So many people still rely on built-in spell checkers to “proofread” important documents – here’s proof that you should never rely on a spell checker. Instead, consider using a professional proofreader – it won’t cost as much as you think, and you’ll have peace of mind that your words are perfect! The above video is also a good more »