1. Thank you for posting this. it brings it home how important it is to know what the people who are looking at what we think is good relly think.

  2. It’s often the case that your perception of what is good isn’t what the general public thinks. I wish I’d had a chance to see the other logo.

    I remember doing some business card designs for a client: one was brilliant, one was so-so and the other was truly awful. She chose the third one and was really pleased with it! Just goes to show my taste certainly wasn’t the same as hers.

    I probably would have chosen the design you liked, because I believe it would have been nicer, albeit not the most popular one.

  3. Nice case study (more so if we could see the alternative) but this is a sample of one business.

    …. and I’m not sure why you would be using a rubber pencil, however?

    I would expect you’d want a logo to help implement your brand strategy, not those of your clients. I expect a such a resounding results shows you something in your instance, but in general your branding strategy should reflect your future planning. Focus groups look are viewpoints at one moment in time and market research is a rear-view mirror.

    Perhaps its the communication with your customers that is actually the valuable part!

    1. If you’d like to see all four logos that Gareth created for me, and the thought process, have a look at this: http://www.dot-design.co.uk/logo-design-process-%E2%80%93-the-proof-fairy

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