Is Social Media Management Your Cup of Tea?

Sometimes a business idea comes along that you’ve not thought of offering before, but it just feels right. One of my clients is an author and journalist and I built a website for her earlier in the year. I also explained how effective blogging and linking with Twitter and Facebook would be to help drive people to her new site. For a while she was very enthusiastic about it and she posted lots of articles, but in time she found that she simply didn’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with the social media side of her site. However, her latest book was just about launch and she was keen to market it as much as possible – so last month we got together and came up with a plan.

Every day or two I post a couple of teaser extracts from the book on her website, along with details of where to buy it. The blog is linked to Twitter and Facebook so both accounts are updated with details of the new blog posts.  I also pick out an interesting fact or quote from each article and three or four times a day I tweet a selection of these nuggets along with a link back to the article. I’ve also been following lots of  relevant Tweeps (people with Twitter accounts) in the hope that they will follow back – and lots of them have.

Of course any Twitter account that looks like it’s either all automated or all sales stuff will not succeed – so I’m really pleased that the author has been involved too, replying to people she knows and retweeting interesting tweets herself. It means that her Twitter feed doesn’t look automated; it looks like a real person manages it – which is exactly what we set out to achieve. You can have a look for yourself here.

But better still, the results have been amazing. In the three weeks since we started working together traffic to her website is up 101% and her Twitter followers have doubled too. And of course this has resulted in an increased profile for the author and more sales of her book.

Social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and social media management – letting someone else manage your accounts – isn’t for everyone. But if you’d like to find out how I could help you increase your profile, your website and your sales through social media, please do drop me a line.


Fingers Image: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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