Gift Vouchers for proofreading, blogging, training and more

I don’t often blatantly advertise my services on my blog so I hope you will let me off just this one time!

I was lying in bed the other day wondering what I could do with myself that morning and I had a genius idea – at least it seemed like a genius idea at the time. I wonder what you think!

“I know!” I said, excitedly. “I’ll start selling Proof Fairy gift vouchers. They’ll be the perfect gift for that man or woman everyone knows who’s impossible to buy for!”

So you can now buy gift vouchers on my website – gift vouchers for proofreading and editing, gift vouchers for blog posts, gift vouchers for online marketing training and even a gift voucher for a year’s web hosting, complete with WP install and domain name. There’s even a random voucher to be used against anything I offer ( on this website … don’t go getting any ideas!)

Perhaps you’d like to thank your best client for their business this year, and you know they’re partway through writing their first book and would appreciate a contribution towards proofreading. Maybe there’s someone you know who would benefit from some Twitter or MailChimp training … How about that person who’s always saying they should start a blog but never gets round to doing it? Maybe some web hosting would get them started, at least …

If you know anyone like that, and you think a gift voucher would be the perfect present solution, that’s fab. And if you think I’m completely crazy and no one in their right mind would be interested, that’s fine too. I reckon you’ve got to try everything once, haven’t you – otherwise you’ll never know if it was a genius idea or a waste of time!

You can find out more about the Proof Fairy Gift Vouchers here …. please do spread the word, you never know who might find them useful!

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